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The ARTÉR Art Association was founded in 2004 in Budafok. Its members are professional visual artists, designers and photographers who having connected with different ties to the XXII. district of Budapest.

Their common aim is to represent an active artistic behavior that creates value, by which they support not only their individual careers but together they can set up a broader creative workshop, a more open community.

The greatest value of ARTÉR possibly lies in its independence: it does not belong to any other organisation, its artists connect on the basis of professional goals and intellectual directions.

Since their formation, they have appeared at numerous exhibitions at cultural venues of various institutions in Budapest and in the countryside.
Their Association not only joins programmes - they have initiated and organised several events as well. For example, in the last few years they have presented their work at different sorts of pop-up exhibition spaces, in this way bringing old, functionless buildings of the district back
into cultural life.
These markedly progressive appearances were
successfully thematized and met with positive
reactions in other art circles as well.

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